5 SIDE HUSTLES To Make Money Online For Complete Beginners

Make Money Online For Complete Beginners

5 SIDE HUSTLES To Make Money Online For Complete Beginners

 In today’s post, I wanna go through five different side hustles that would be perfect for any beginner that will get you on the path to being able to most likely start earning your first $100 every single day in profit. And the reason why I decided to go with these five different side hustles is that I’m doing them myself in one way or another, as you can see.

In one of my PayPal accounts, I’ve been able to bring in over 51,000 pounds, which is around $60,000. So I’m sure I’m gonna be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to starting a side hustle as a beginner. So as always, I don’t waste any more time and I wanna get right into it.

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All right, so jumping straight into side hustle number one, which. Selling on eBay, and this is actually how I first got started when it came to making money online, and I was eventually able to scale up my eBay store to make my first 1 million online. And there are so many different things that you need to know if you’re a beginner that’s looking to get started with this particular side hustle.

But one of the first and most important things is. Which type of product is the best one for you to sell? Now I’ve broken down the four different types of products that you can sell when it comes to building your eBay business. We’ve got general evergreen products, niche evergreen products, seasonal items, as well as trending items.

And the two types of items that I normally recommend beginners to go with are our general Evergreen and Knit Evergreen products. And for those of you that are completely new to the world of star and e-commerce business, and you’re not sure of exactly what these terms mean. Well, general Evergreen means an item that is being purchased every single day, and there’s no specific target audience on the flip side.

Knit Evergreen products are items that people are buying every single day as well, but there’s a target audience that you’re gonna be able to focus your energy on. So for example, items that fall under this category are things like light bulbs, batteries, you know, general things for the house. However, when it comes to knit evergreen items, an example of these types of products are things like pet items, baby products, parts, and accessories.

When it comes to specific models for cars, there are so many different items. Fall under all of these different categories, but I would say that the two best ones that beginners should look into are generally evergreen and niche evergreen. And if you wanted to go a little bit deeper and you wanted to do actual product research so that you can find an actual product to start listing, well, the way that you can do that is by jumping onto Teva Peak Product Research, which is.

eBay’s research software that you’re gonna be able to access once you get an eBay selling account. So you’re not gonna have to pay any money for it, you just need to make sure that you register your account for a seller’s account. And then from there, you’re gonna be able to get access to it by clicking on research at the top, then clicking on Terra Peak Product Research right there.

And this is the page that you’re gonna see. And I’m just gonna type in, an Evergreen item as an example, just so that you know exactly what you need to look out for when you go away and do your product research. So I’ve just tapped in a light bulb. I’ve left it to the last two years, and I’ve also. Set the list insight to eBay Do co.

Okay. And as you can see, over 64 million pounds have been spent on this particular keyword over the last two years. I’m just clicking on this option over here. I’m gonna be able to see how many daily units are being purchased. And as you can see, the sales are very consistent. There are no massive upswings.

There are no massive downswings. It’s a very consistent product that people are purchasing every single day. The reason is that it’s an evergreen item. So this is current. Best performing listing under the light bulb category. And if we wanted to find this item ourselves so that we can start selling it, it’s gonna be a simple job of going over to a website like if we wanted to buy it in bulk, or maybe going onto a website like Ali Express or CJ Drop shipping if we wanted to drop ship the product.

All right, so swiftly moving on to the second side hustle that I recommend most beginners to look into, which is a blog. And for those of you that don’t know exactly what Bloggin is, is simply where you’re going to build your website. And on that website, what you’re gonna do. Post articles every so often and those articles are gonna be able to generate your money in so many different ways.

And I’ve broken down the four main ways that you can monetize a blog website right here. So you can monetize it using Aen or any third-party advertising platform. Affiliate marketing is also another great way that you’re gonna be able to generate money from your blog, and this is one of the main ways that I like.

Because it’s very passive. You’re gonna be able to put affiliate links throughout all of your different articles, and if one of your readers can get some sort of value out of the companies that you’re promoting via your affiliate links, it’s gonna be a win-win for them and a win-win situation for yourself too.

The next way that you’re gonna be able to monetize a blog is by selling your product or service. and you’re also gonna be able to generate some sort of revenue when companies pay you to write articles about them, which is also called sponsored posts. There are so many different ways that you can monetize a blog, and I know right now you’re probably thinking, but Sam, isn’t it difficult for me to create my blog website and for me to start getting traffic?

Well, the answer to that is yes and no. It all depends on how you do things. because if we go onto one of my latest blog websites that could be [email protected], and we scroll down over here, of course, I’m uploading articles every so often and I’m trying to be as consistent as possible. And even though I just started this website maybe towards the end of November, or early December, as we can see over here on, which is a website that allows you to track the visitors that go onto any website in the entire world and scroll down over.

As we can see in December, I was only able to get around 726 views. However, in January, I was able to get almost 10,000 views, all because I was consistent and cause I was consistent, I’m now able to generate a decent amount of passive income from my blog website. All right, so moving on to the f. A third side hustle that I’m gonna talk about in today’s video that, again, will be perfect for any beginner, is Shopify dropshipping using Google Shopping ads.

So I believe that one of the best ways to get customers onto your Shopify website is to make sure that you are going after specific keywords that you know people are typing in. Because by doing this, you’re gonna be able to increase your chances of being able to make sales rather than trying to blindly go after an.

That may or may not care about the product that you’re trying to sell. And just to give you an example of what I’m talking about, I’ve just jumped onto Google Trends, and as you can see, I’ve just typed in the keyword head shaver right there. And we can see that since 2010, more and more people have been going onto Google to search for head shavers, which means that there’s a great opportunity for us to build a store around this product and be able to use Google Shopping.

For us to increase our likelihood of being able to generate revenue. So just to give you an example of what I’m talking about, I’m gonna go onto Ali Express and there’s this head shaver right here that’s available for around $20. And it also comes with 15-day delivery. And if we just go onto Google shopping and type in head shaver right here, just so that we can see if other people are having success with it.

And also see exactly how much other people are charging. It’s gonna also further let us know if we’re gonna be able to have success with this particular product. All right, so there are all of these different companies right here that are using Google Shopping ads to advertise their head shavers, and their company selling them for around 127 pounds.

74 pounds, 94 pounds, which means that if we did wanna drop ship this particular head shaver from Ali. We’re gonna be able to make a decent amount of profit if we’re able to set up our Google Shopping ad campaign in the right way, and we also optimize it so that we’re not wasting our daily budget. But of course, there’s a lot more that goes into this entire process.

But if you wanted to get a little bit more information on exactly how I do this, then make sure you visit because over there I’ve gone through the entire step-by-step process of a thing you need to know when it comes to building your Shopify drop shipping business as a complete.

Okay. So onto the Foresight hustle, which is to build an automated email list. So I think that building an email list and having newsletters are one of the best ways to build an online business right now in the day and age that we’re in. Because being able to have direct communication with your audience at any time of the day is one of the best ways to increase your chances of being able to increase your revenue.

So I’ve got various email lists and newsletters for so many different online businesses where I send out valuable emails every so often to the people within that email list. And of course, my main aim is to provide as much free value as I can within those emails. But what I like to do from time to time is also put various affiliate links and also promote.

Various products or services within those emails because again, being able to have direct communication with someone that I know is interested in a particular subject or topic allows me to have a better idea of knowing exactly what type of services that particular person is interested in.

And when it comes to the practical steps of building up an automated email list, of course, social media is one of the best ways to use paid ads. And there are so many different email marketing software that I like to use, but one of the main. What I like to use as AWeber’s reason is that they’ve got so many different landing pages, and so many different ways to automate things.

It’s a very simple process when it comes to being able to schedule emails in advance in the future so that you’re not gonna have to sit there every single day and type out all of your emails one by one. You’re gonna be able to bulk upload all of your emails and get them scheduled so that it’s gonna be able to reduce the amount of work you have to do.

And moving onto the final side household that I believe is perfect for anyone that is looking to make money online, which is by starting a faceless YouTube channel. Now, you don’t necessarily need to start a faceless channel. If you’re willing to make videos like what I’m doing right now and show your face on camera, then you can go down that route.

But if you are someone that isn’t keen on showing their face or even using their voice, then you can go down the view of starting a faceless YouTube channel and still be able to make a decent amount of it. And there are so many different software and AI tools that you can use right now to help you with this entire process.

And I recently made a video showing you guys anything you need to know when it comes to the whole step-by-step process, anything you need to know, all the tools you need to know when it comes to not having to show your face or use your voice and essentially automate the entire process. So I’m gonna leave that video right there.

Make sure you check out this one because so many people have already found so much value in it, and I’m sure that you’re gonna be able to benefit from it too. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, so. Don’t forget to press the lock button. I appreciate that. Thank you so much, and don’t forget to subscribe as well and hit the bell notification.

And don’t forget to click right there to watch that faceless YouTube video. That’s gonna help you out. All right guys, I’ll see you at the next one. Make sure you stay safe out there. Peace.

5 SIDE HUSTLES To Make Money Online For Complete Beginners

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