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MailerLite vs Mailchimp: Which Email Marketing Platform is Better for Small Businesses?

Email marketing is a vital strategy for small businesses looking to engage with customers and drive growth. Choosing the right email marketing platform is key to running effective campaigns. Two of the most popular services are MailerLite and Mailchimp. But when it comes to MailerLite vs Mailchimp, which one should small businesses choose?

This comprehensive comparison highlights that MailerLite is the better option for small businesses based on affordable pricing plans, ease of use with a simple and intuitive platform, and providing the essential email marketing features small teams need.

MailerLite vs Mailchimp Pricing

One of the most important considerations for small businesses is cost. MailerLite and Mailchimp both offer free plans, but they differ significantly when it comes to pricing once you start adding more contacts and features.

MailerLite’s paid plans are as follows:

  • Grow: Up to 1,000 subscribers for $10/month
  • Scale: Up to 2,500 subscribers for $15/month
  • Accelerate: Up to 5,000 subscribers for $20/month

Additional contacts are $7 per 1,000 subscribers after you pass the 5,000 mark.

Mailchimp’s paid plans are:

  • Essentials: Up to 500 subscribers for $9.99/month
  • Standard: Up to 2,000 subscribers for $14.99/month
  • Premium: Up to 10,00o subscribers for $299/month

Additional contacts on Mailchimp are $10 per 1,000 over 10,000 subscribers.

When comparing the two services, it’s clear MailerLite offers better value, especially for small businesses. The Grow plan supports 1,000 subscribers for just $10 more per month versus 500 on Mailchimp. And MailerLite’s pricing remains affordable as you scale with your Accelerate plan costing $20 monthly for 5,000 subscribers.

To get support for 10,000 subscribers on Mailchimp, you have to jump up to their Premium plan which costs $299 per month. The more subscribers you add, the bigger the pricing difference becomes between the two platforms.

Overall, MailerLite clearly offers more affordable and cost-effective plans tailored to the budgets and subscriber needs of small businesses. When it comes to MailerLite vs Mailchimp pricing, MailerLite is the winner for growing small businesses looking for the best value.

MailerLite is Simpler and More Intuitive Than Mailchimp

Beyond pricing and plans, ease of use is another area where MailerLite shines compared to Mailchimp for small teams. The interface, workflows, and overall navigation are simpler and more intuitive with MailerLite.

The MailerLite dashboard has a clean, uncluttered design that makes it easy to access all your key email marketing tools. Core features like creating campaigns, building signup forms, managing contacts, and viewing reports are accessed through the intuitive main menu.

In contrast, Mailchimp can feel more crowded and complex at first glance. While its dashboard is organized, the breadth of features can feel overwhelming to navigate when you just want to create a simple email campaign.

When it comes to building emails and newsletters, MailerLite’s drag-and-drop editor streamlines the process. Options to add content, customize design, and insert images are clearly labeled. Mailchimp’s email builder is also user-friendly, but some small teams may find MailerLite’s interface more intuitive.

MailerLite’s automation workflows allow you to create sequences of triggered emails with a simple visual map, no coding required. With Mailchimp, building automated campaigns is more advanced with multiple triggers and settings required to create flows.

For small business owners and staff without extensive technical experience, MailerLite’s simplicity in creating emails, landing pages, popups, and automations can be valuable. While Mailchimp has an advantage in advanced features for skilled users, MailerLite wins for user-friendly design and straightforward navigation.

Key Email Marketing Features Comparison

Now that we’ve compared pricing and usability, how do MailerLite and Mailchimp stack up when it comes to critical email marketing features? Key capabilities like customizable email templates, signup forms, reporting tools, automation, and contact management are essential no matter what email provider you choose.

Let’s break down how the core features compare between the two platforms.

Email Templates

Both services offer professionally designed email templates you can customize for your brand. MailerLite has around 70 free templates spanning categories like welcome emails, promotions, newsletters, and more. Mailchimp has a similar template library with a wide selection of options.

Templates on both platforms are mobile-responsive so your emails look great on any device. Overall, it’s a draw when it comes to template variety and quality.

Signup Forms

Easy-to-embed signup forms help you grow your mailing list. MailerLite and Mailchimp make it simple to create customized popup, embedded, and landing page forms using their form builders.

With MailerLite, forms can be crafted using a unique Block Editor that allows mixing, matching, and modifying elements. Mailchimp also has robust customization but a slightly more complex build process.

Both platforms allow you to integrate signup forms on your website, landing pages, and social channels. MailerLite supports adding smarter captcha and two-step opt-ins to combat spam. Overall, forms are very similar, with MailerLite having a slight edge for usability.

Automation Workflows

This feature allows you to create sequences of emails that get automatically triggered based on certain user actions. For example, welcome email sequences that get sent when a new user signs up.

MailerLite makes it easy to build automation workflows by mapping out triggers and flows visually. Mailchimp also offers automation with multiple pre-built email funnels to choose from.

The advantage goes to MailerLite for having robust automation features while still maintaining a simple user experience. Mailchimp’s workflows have more progammable elements for advanced users.

Analytics and Reporting

Understanding your email performance with data is crucial. MailerLite and Mailchimp both provide comprehensive reporting on opens, clicks, geographics, sent mailings, and more.

Mailchimp’s reports may offer more granularity, with the ability to splice metrics in multiple ways. But MailerLite covers the core reporting needs of small teams with clear and visual dashboards.

For advanced analytics power users, Mailchimp has an edge. But for the typical small business, MailerLite supplies the key email statistics you need.

Contacts Management and List Building

Managing your subscriber lists and contacts is made easy in both MailerLite and Mailchimp. Features like customizable fields, tags, groups, and more allow you segment your audiences effectively.

Mailchimp provides the ability to pull in more ecommerce data on your customers and sync with your CRM. But when it comes to core list management that supports growing your subscribers, MailerLite matches up well here.

Additional Tools and Support

Beyond just email, MailerLite and Mailchimp both provide extra tools and integrations to help grow your business. Let’s compare some of the additional capabilities of each platform.

Landing Pages

Well-optimized landing pages are important for lead generation. MailerLite has an easy drag-and-drop landing page editor to customize designs. Mailchimp also includes the ability to build landing pages, but its editor is more limited.

Surveys and Popups

Collecting valuable subscriber feedback and insights via surveys is easy with MailerLite’s survey builder. Site popups can also be created to grab attention. Mailchimp has less developed options for surveys and popups.

Website Forms

MailerLite allows you to embed not just email signup forms but other types of web forms for capturing leads across your site. This is another area where Mailchimp is more limited.


MailerLite and Mailchimp both integrate with popular third-party platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Facebook, and more. Mailchimp does have deeper support for ecommerce and CRM tools while MailerLite focuses on core email and lead generation connections.


Getting help when you need it is vital. Both MailerLite and Mailchimp offer email support, chat, knowledge bases, and articles to assist users. Mailchimp also provides phone support while MailerLite does not.

When looking at the wider set of tools and integration options, Mailchimp comes out a bit ahead for some use cases thanks to its ecommerce specialization. But MailerLite still provides a robust set of extra resources focused on the lead generation and email marketing needs of small teams.

Why Small Businesses Should Choose MailerLite Over Mailchimp

Now that we’ve done a thorough comparison of features, let’s summarize the key reasons that small businesses are likely to be better served by choosing MailerLite over Mailchimp as their primary email marketing platform.

Lower Pricing

The pricing plans and contacts model offered by MailerLite are more budget-friendly for small businesses with smaller lists. Growing your subscribers over time costs significantly less with MailerLite, providing superior value.

Simpler Interface

For small teams or staff without technical expertise, MailerLite’s simplicity in navigating the platform and creating emails, forms, landing pages, and workflows is a major plus.

Powerful Core Email Features

When it comes to the core email marketing tools like customizable templates, opt-in forms, automation, analytics, and list management, MailerLite goes toe-to-toe with Mailchimp’s offering the key features a small business needs.

Better Focus on Lead Generation

With its suite of landing pages, popups, surveys and website forms, MailerLite provides more built-in tools for capturing leads and driving conversions beyond just email alone.

Mailchimp does offer some additional advanced features, customization options, and specialized ecommerce features. But for most small business use cases, MailerLite excels where it matters most – providing an affordable solution with powerful core email marketing capabilities that’s also easy to use.


Choosing the right email marketing platform is an important decision for small businesses looking to grow. While Mailchimp has stronger features for mid-market and enterprise ecommerce companies, MailerLite hits the sweet spot that most small businesses need.

With more affordable pricing, ease of use, and providing the must-have email features that small teams require, MailerLite is our recommended choice for small businesses comparing MailerLite vs Mailchimp.

Hopefully this comprehensive feature comparison has provided valuable insights to help you determine which platform aligns best with your business needs. Leveraging a tool like MailerLite that’s designed for the small business segment can provide tremendous value and support your email marketing success as you expand your subscribers and revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MailerLite and Mailchimp?

The main differences are that MailerLite offers more affordable pricing plans tailored for small businesses, while Mailchimp has more features suited for larger ecommerce stores. MailerLite also has a simpler interface and workflow.

Does MailerLite have free plan?

Yes, MailerLite has a free plan that supports up to 1,000 subscribers. It includes basic email and automation features.

What email marketing features does MailerLite offer?

Key features include customizable email templates, signup forms, landing pages, automation workflows, analytics, contact management, surveys, popups and more.

Does MailerLite have automation?

Yes, MailerLite has robust automation features that allow you to create sequences of triggered emails. Automations can be set up visually without coding.

Can I integrate MailerLite with WordPress?

MailerLite offers seamless integration with WordPress through plugins. This allows you to embed forms, popups and manage your email campaigns from your WordPress dashboard.

How does MailerLite compare for list building?

With its suite of landing pages, forms, and popups – MailerLite provides excellent built-in tools for capturing leads and growing your subscriber list beyond just emails.

What type of customer support does MailerLite offer?

MailerLite provides email support, live chat, an extensive knowledgebase, community forums, and video tutorials to help users.

Mailchimp vs Mailerlite – Which Is The Better Email Marketing Software?

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